Hide Admin / Moderator IP Address

Unmaintained Hide Admin / Moderator IP Address

Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
Creative Commons license
No download is needed :)

This is how to hide IP address of Admin / Moderator's / Any other user that you pick (as long as you have defined specific user ID).
Well, it is not "hiding", actually it is overwriting their IP data in the database with a fake IP...
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Latest updates

  1. Hide IP by Usergroup

    Hide IP by usergroup (primary / secondary).
  2. Hide IP Everywhere

    Now just single file edit to hide IP everywhere (admin log, moderator log, online list, and...
  3. Hiding IP in Moderator Log

    There is a new file editing to hide IP in Moderator Log. :)

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Nice and simple! It works very nice, but hope to have an upgrade version with better way for running cron jobs.
Can you explain what task would you with cron job? :)
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