Header thumbs

Header thumbs 2.2

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Header thumbs v2.2 changes:

Added Limit to options page. Header thumb menu now show the last 300 header thumbs recently shown.
Header thumbs v2.1 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with header thumbs sometimes not updating due to cache.
Header thumbs v2.0 changes:

Added Header thumbs menu. This allows viewing the past 30 header thumbs which have been displayed.
Header thumbs v1.9 changes:

Fixed issue with thumbs not having the correct link.
Header thumbs v1.8 changes:

Updated template modification description.
Header thumbs v1.7 changes:

Fixed problem where Include forums in Options was not selecting forums properly.
Header thumbs v1.6 changes:

Removed line of code (line 142) which was not needed and sometimes caused server error logs.
Header thumbs v1.5 changes:

Fixed code relating to the Include forums field in the Options page. Also added additional code to show when Include forums field is not selected with a valid forum name.
Header thumbs v1.4 changes:

Updated PHP file.
Header thumbs v1.3 changes:

Updated Cron entry.