[HA] Missing Icons

[HA] Missing Icons 1.1.0

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  • Added: options to add icon for links in account menu
  • Added: style properties to change the size and color of icons in account menu


added: icons to Profile Page's Stats
  • Last Activity
  • Joined
  • Messages
  • Likes
  • Trophy
  • Warnings
  • Bookmarks (by Xon)
  • Media (XFMG)
  • Albums (XFMG)
  • Showcase Item (By Bob)
  • Blogs (By Bob)
  • Blog Entries (By Bob)
  • Articles (By Bob)
  • Groups (By Nobita)
  • Positive Ratings (By Luke F)
  • Neutral Ratings (By Luke F)
  • Negative Ratings (By Luke F)
Style Properties added to change Size and Color of each of icons listed above.
Options added to replace icons with other FA icons, for each of icons listed above.