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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
I used PACE in this add-on. So, to see different effects, click here!

With this simple add-on, you can change the way progress is displayed in you xenforo site. When you page loads, or hover on messages or notification, or even when you click on a username and member card want to be loaded, then you see a loading effect on top right of screen. This add-on will let you change that, in different designs and colors.

  • 14 Ready to use Effects and designs
    • No Where (Hide loading sign at all)
    • Barber Shop
    • Big Counter
    • Bounce
    • Center Atom
    • Center Circle
    • Center Radar
    • Center Simple
    • Corner Indicator
    • Fill Left
    • Flash
    • Flat Top
    • Loading Bar
    • Mac Osx
    • Minimal
  • 10 Ready to use colors
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Silver
    • White
    • Yellow
Note: I'm not a professional developer and its not my job. I developed it just for fun (and also I'm interested in coding). So:
  • I don't promise to update it regularly
  • But because we use it in our own site too, so all reported bugs will be fixed asap.
  • And also good suggestions will be implemented when finding free time to do (but try to do them asap).
  • Because of this, I published it as a free add-on.
  • Donations are always welcome. If you want to do so, you can start conversation with me.

Hope to be useful and you enjoy this add-on. If you like this add-on, don't forget to support it by rating and reviewing.

Hamed Azimi (Dadparvar)
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Latest updates

  1. HotFix!

    Hotifx (related to option to disable effect on mobile)
  2. Small update!

    Added an option to be able to disable effects on mobile. Style Properties (to control...
  3. Version 1.0.1

    added an option to totally hide loading sign

Latest reviews

Now i have to be totally honest, when i saw the red loading effect at the top of youtube.com i wanted it so bad for my site. Now it is here and i have installed it and it works as intended. Now i feel like my site is just as big as a youtube.com. Thanks again for developing this add-on and another 5 star rating cause you made my site that much better.
Thanks for your review :)

Its good to see you like the add-on and I'm happy to hear this is what you wanted.

Hope you enjoy using it
excellent work as always my favorite Dev! thanks for doing this bro ur the best and ur work is soo amazing im always speechless
Thanks for your kind words :)

Glad you like it and its good to hear you enjoy using it
Xen Pro is the reason I have bought multiple copies of XENFORO and continue to build with him as he is the most reliable and helpful programmer I have met! Always inspired after installing his add ons
Thanks for your kind words :)

I'm happy to hear that you like my add-ons and I also enjoy the time I spend with you about the add-ons and new features. As you also always have good ideas which causes other people here enjoy the result (which mostly is an add-on ;) )
Yet another fantastic addon!

The best picks that I found are the ones that don't center onto your screen so in these order are the best in my opinion:

- Flash (Small loading bar at the top of your site that comes with spinning loading icon)
- Minimal (Very thin loading bar at the top of your site)
- Bounce (Clean circle that bounces slowly until the site fully loads)

Those three loading types are probably the best for your community and not so big that will annoy some people.
Thanks for your review and suggestions.
I'll take a look at suggestions when I get some free time for it.
Glad you like it :)
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