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Unmaintained Genius Program 2023-04-19

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CSS adjustment:
  • Narrow Spaces widget goals color changed from Dimmed to Muted
Phrases improvements:
  • Ratio value explanation is improved by showing value scales.
  • Explanation of wide space widget title is improved
Add-on title changed to Genius Member to Genius Program
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CSS correction: the graduation-cap FA icon in the narrow widget (or the icon chosen in the options) did not display correctly with all third-party styles.
Tooltips are now those of XenForo rather than those of the browser.

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Overall improvements:
  • HTML correction, one : was lying around in the code. (thanks @Wanji)
  • Use of XenForo syntax for FontAwesome icons (the icons now respect the weight defined in the XenForo options).
  • Better description of Success, Locked, and Disabled icons when hovered over them.
  • Widgets are renamed:
    • Espace large : Your goals for the Genius grade!
    • Narrow space: Genius grade goals
Replacement of the Vote Score criterion by Ratio:
  • The 5 criteria for reaching the Genius rank are also criteria found for user group promotions in order to trigger a user group promotion when the Genius grade is achieved.
  • The Ratio criterion is the result of the reaction score divided by the number of messages from users, the values to be defined according to the desired difficulty are these:
    • easy : 0,05 to 0.25
    • medium: 0.3 to 0.45
    • difficult: 0.5 to 0.7
    • above 0.7 the goal is very difficult
  • The Ratio criterion is locked until the user reaches 500 posts in order to avoid fanciful values when the user is new and has few posts published.

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The Genie Member block is now displayed as widgets, one for large spaces and another suitable for sidebars:

Wide spaces PC view :


Wide Spaces Mobile View :

Narrow spaces (sidebar)

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Genius Member block : CSS improvements when the block is displayed on narrow screen

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Addition of a block (option to place it above or below the forums) which includes the objectives to be achieved to become a genius member, it is only displayed to members of the user group(s) who participate in the program (option) but it can be disabled globally.

The user and goal value are displayed:
  • When a level is reached (equal or higher value) a green icon of success replaces the values of the user and the value of the objective.
  • If an objective is disabled in the options a gray icon of deactivation is displayed automatically.
The title bar contains a catchy tagline that you can customize in phrases.
An explainer link is displayed to the right of the block's title bar: you can point it to a thread, help page, or custom page that explains what the Genius Member program is. This link can be disabled by leaving the option fields empty.

Genius Member Block :


Options in the administrator panel :

Added new selection criteria :
  • is a member of usergoup(s)
Addition of a new selection criteria:
  • Questions Vote Score:
    • If you have enabled downvoting, the score is the difference between the number of upvotes and the number of downvotes to your answers.
    • If you have not activated downvoting, this is the number of times your answers have been upvoted.
Add-on settings move from Style Properties to Options.

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