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Gaming Avatar Packs 1.1

A ton of gaming avatars for your avatar gallery

  1. Maxxamillion
    Gaming avatar packs to add to your forum, 60 150x150 avatars.

    You will need Avatar Gallery

    Installation: Upload each avatar to your forum root. Your new avatars should now show up in the Avatar Gallery.

    *Do not upload the zip folders*

    Pack includes
    • Watch Dogs
    • Minecraft
    • Call of Duty:Ghosts
    • Titanfall Fan Pack
    • Destiny
    • The Last of Us
    • More to come!!
    All game images belong to the respected game companies and owners i do not own the images, i simply just made them into avatar format for you to use.


    1. ghosts.png
    2. bo2pack.png
    3. fanpack.png
    4. bo2pack.png
    5. pack.png
    6. pack.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. drastic
    Version: 2014-03-25
    my gamers love it.
    1. Maxxamillion
      Author's Response
      glad they do mine do to :D
  2. zoldos
    Version: 2014-03-25
    Cool, thanks!
    1. Maxxamillion
      Author's Response
      no problem at all
  3. MasterPiece
    Version: 2014-03-25
    Awesome :P A++
    1. Maxxamillion
      Author's Response
      thanks man