Gamesboard 2.2.12

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • fixed some animation problems
  • theme is full supporting XF 2.2
  • fixed problem with default node icons
  • fixed problem with spacings between nodes in responsive view
  • fixed problem with logo display on responsive view
  • added animations for nodes, topic list and widgets
  • added group permissions for announcements

- some code cleaning
  • fixed problem with block width for font awesome icons
  • fixed problem with unread/read colors for font awesome icons
  • fixed problem with background nodes resizing
  • fixed problem with hover block animation
  • fixed bug with unknown getters after installation
  • fixed bug with node icons display, missing font awesome icons

Improved package. Including instruction how to install + all needed links.
working with latest XF
  • added node background support
  • fixed some issiues with colors
  • Haha
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