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  1. 2.2
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This is the first version of this style, working very hard on getting it to look good.

I've tried added most of what was on the regular theme for this...

The changes within this theme is in Footer and Header. A lot is dealing with CSS.

This one is for XenForo 2.2

Style is still being edited and will come around with everything, there will be bugs in this and I'm also releasing a Pro version as well with some added features...
Frontier is a multi-purpose, HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress theme. It lets you choose between 1, 2 or 3 column layouts while offering independent template layouts for pages. The theme's responsive design makes it compatible with a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions. Frontier is easy to customize through its wide array of options that are simple and easy to understand. It has a lot of strategically placed Widget Areas and Action Hooks that helps achieve a higher level of customization. Theme features include favicons, logos, header images, color options, custom css, a simple image slider, rtl support, basic markup and a whole lot more. Frontier accomplishes all this while maintaining a minimal file size for a fast and efficient WordPress experience.

Help me out with fixing these bugs in this style.

The image is from vBulletin, been working on converting this style over from there.
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  1. Adjustment

    I have removed some coding from the style to make the adjustments that I need so far for it.
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