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[FREE] Twitch script to show if member is online/offline 1.0

No permission to download
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Additional requirements
cURL installed on server
open source....just give credit if used
This simple script will allow you to know if member is online....and placed in the postbit area.

upload contents of zip to root

edit message_user_info Template
<xen:if is="@messageShowTrophyPoints AND {$user.user_id} AND {$xenOptions.enableTrophies}">
                    <dl class="pairsJustified">
                        <dt>{xen:phrase trophy_points}:</dt>
                        <dd><a href="{xen:link 'members/trophies', $user}" class="OverlayTrigger concealed">{xen:number $user.trophy_points}</a></dd>
add after:
<!-- stream status -->
<xen:if is="{$user.customFields.Field_Id}"><div style="color:darkorange; font-weight: bold; float:left;">Stream:<img src="http://www.yoursite.com/status/twitch.php?stream={$user.customFields.Field_Id}" class="Tooltip" title="What ever you want it to say when hovering over image"/></div></xen:if>
<!-- end stream status -->
Field_Id = is the field that corresponds to the custom profile field you use for twitch.

You can style to your choosing. Added a couple different images to use for online/offline. By default the script looks for offline.png and online.png. Or you can create your own online/offline images & also edit your own message within the "Title"

This will only show if members entered their twitch username. On the road so haven't tested this recently but should still work.

I will do my best to help with any issues.....
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