[FreddysHouse] Two-factor Authentication

Unmaintained [FreddysHouse] Two-factor Authentication 1.3.3

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Fixes an incorrect File Health Check hash for ControllerPublic/Login.php.
This is a minor bug fix:

A bug was found that stopped the "Lost your device" pages from filling in the user's email/username automatically.
This is a minor update that brings compatibility with PHP 5.5. The only change is that cURL's multi-perform has been removed so it will try each server in turn.

You do not need to upgrade if the add-on is working on your site.
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The add-on has been updated for XenForo 1.2.0 to use hints for code events, lowering the impact of the add-on on your installation.

I've also reverted the login process to the less slick (but more reliable) method - this means it will work if you're caching your sessions.
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DO NOT USE THIS VERSION IF YOU STORE SESSIONS IN A CACHE (specifically memcached) - there is a bug! (I'm working on it ;))

This version includes a couple of bug fixes along with the new feature ...

Remember this device - this allows your users to remember a device (i.e. their current web browser) and skip two-factor login for a number of days (configured in the admin control panel).

Logins to the admin control panel are currently exempt and require two-factor on every login.
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Added license to zip file, no other changes.
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