FontAwesome Icons in Message Buttons

Unmaintained FontAwesome Icons in Message Buttons

1. Go to PAGE_CONTAINER and place this somewhere in the <head>

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
2. Go to the post template and replace everything with...
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Matthew Hawley
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Latest updates

  1. Font Awesome 3.2.1

    Updated CSS to Font Awesome 3.2.1

Latest reviews

This is awesome. Now if only it would change the permalink button into a SHARE icon...
Amazing how such a simple change can do so much, Matthew is a pure genius and I have used just about all of his addons!! Amazing author!
So good
thanks alot, because of you now i know how to use font-awesome <3
A small edit that my users really liked
Perfect another great modification from you.
Nice easy mod! thank you
Matthew Hawley
Thanks! :D