[DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare®

[DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare® 1.8.5

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This is so awesome. I'm a seasoned linux admin, web developer, etc, and this makes life SOOOOO easy. You're silly if you dont use this.
I love this! I can finally avoid logging into Cloudflare all the time! Great work! It works flawlessly!
the best performance management add on, does exactly what it says it will be, my site is now more secure and performs better than before, there are lot of cloudflare options to learn but it just runs when set up, very impressed
This is an excellent add-on! I'm now using it on all of my forums. If you use Cloudflare for your XF site, and you're not using this add-on, then you're doing it wrong!
It's much more a bunch of function toggles for Cloudflare. Especially the R2 storage, you guys gotta try it!! It changes the life of your forum! Thanks @digitalpoint for making such a wonderful add-on and it's free!
This is a fantastic add-on that helps out in so many ways. I use R2 and have moved 200GB of attachments off my server. My website has never run better.
Been considering using Cloudflare for some time now but was always overwhelmed by the number of settings. This, along with Shawn's Cloudflare optimizations thread, changed that for me completely! Got it all started last night, finished this morning, and my site is now running on Cloudflare. Thanks Shawn!
This is a really fantastic addon. Thanks so much to @digitalpoint for making this free. Everything is well-documented and automated where possible. If you have further questions you can search these two threads for keywords:
* https://xenforo.com/community/threads/cloudflare-optimizations-for-xenforo.210792/
* https://xenforo.com/community/threads/digitalpoint-app-for-cloudflare%C2%AE.206176/
We started using it for our forum and it works fine!
Just updated to last version.

Great add-on, thank you @DigitalPoint!
The [DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare® 1.6.3 is a top-tier XenForo add-on, proving to be indispensable for Cloudflare users. The interface is user-friendly and the app integrates perfectly with Cloudflare, making site management, traffic monitoring, and setting adjustments a breeze.

In short, this XenForo add-on is a must-have for enhancing your Cloudflare experience. Five-star rating for its exceptional functionality and superb service!
For anyone interested in using Cloudflare, this addon is indispensible. While I can log in and make my own changes, this addon groups together all of the important settings for our XenForo installations in one place, making them much easier to manage.
Must have add-on for Cloudfare. Also great support from developer @DigitalPoint. Highly recommended!
Awesome add-on for those using Cloudflare. I like the 'easy config' button for those just wanting the best functions. Looking forward to future updates.
A great add-on that increased the performance and security of your website. @DigitalPoint also has great support in private and in the add-on's thread.
Wow! This is an amazing addon. The number of features that this Addon provides are easily worth paying for. Very well coded.
Amazing add-on. Just on the sheer volume that this is capable of doing, it is really well done and helps you integrate your forum to get the maximum benefit from Cloudflare.
Fantastic add-on that makes it easy to take advantage of all your Cloudflare features. I used it to setup R2 and it was really easy.
Honestly, one of the easiest ways to control your CloudFlare account that I have come across. I have avoided CloudFlare like the plague, but this has made it easy even on the Free tier I am currently using.
A must have add-on when using Cloudflare. Thank you so much for developing it. Cloudflare Worker is a nice touch.
Pretty aweseom and useful!
I really appreciate the predefined rules that are included.
Thank you for this great addon!
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