[DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare®

[DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare® 1.5.7

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Awesome add-on for those using Cloudflare. I like the 'easy config' button for those just wanting the best functions. Looking forward to future updates.
A great add-on that increased the performance and security of your website. @DigitalPoint also has great support in private and in the add-on's thread.
This add-on not only brought my main Cloudflare settings into the Xenforo admin control panel, it also helped me more easily set up extra features like using R2 buckets for 'data' and 'internal_data' directories, workers for the image and link proxies, and securing our admin and install features.
Wow! This is an amazing addon. The number of features that this Addon provides are easily worth paying for. Very well coded.
Amazing add-on. Just on the sheer volume that this is capable of doing, it is really well done and helps you integrate your forum to get the maximum benefit from Cloudflare.
Fantastic add-on that makes it easy to take advantage of all your Cloudflare features. I used it to setup R2 and it was really easy.
Honestly, one of the easiest ways to control your CloudFlare account that I have come across. I have avoided CloudFlare like the plague, but this has made it easy even on the Free tier I am currently using.
A must have add-on when using Cloudflare. Thank you so much for developing it. Cloudflare Worker is a nice touch.
Pretty aweseom and useful!
I really appreciate the predefined rules that are included.
Thank you for this great addon!