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Unmaintained Default Style Green 1.2.2

Default Style Green ( Like Digital Point Site )

  1. VinnyS
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2

    I like the look of the Digital Point Site. I have tried to match the site however I was not able to match the site exactly. PLEASE I know that their are better user that can do this is a heart beat PLEASE DO. However if you like what I've done please use it in good health and enjoy....

    I have updated my Default Style Lt. Green. I have changed the name to Default Style Green. Now their are to way to upload the files you can just upload the XML file to your site through styles or you can upload the Default Style Green to your styles dir then upload the DefaultStyleGreen.xml though section.

    Check out my site join and download two new default style's for free. Also while you are on my site join the XenForo User Group.
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  1. Deathstarr
    Version: 1.2.2
    I love this theme I edited it a bit more to be like DP but good theme.
    1. VinnyS
      Author's Response
      Author's Response
      Hi Deathstarr thank you if you goto my site I have two other theme's for free I have purple and gray.