[DCom] Live Content

[DCom] Live Content 2.5.1

No permission to buy ($30.00)
  • Added Swoole support (requires Swoole php extension and PHP >= 8.0)
  • Choosing where to display the block of those reading the thread
  • Added socket server management from the admin panel (requires exec function enabled)
  • All known bugs have been fixed.
Before installing the plugin, you must stop the socket server.
  • Support widgets:
    • New threads
    • New posts
    • New profile posts
    • Members online
    • Forum statistics
  • Added a block showing who is reading thread in real time
  • Real-time in profile posts
  • Real time when deleting and restoring messages
  • Optimized JS
  • Code refactoring


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  • Updated Workerman and PHPSocket.IO libraries to latest versions.
  • When you restore a collapsed tab, new posts will be added.
  • Fixed a bug when editing a user in the admin panel.
  • Fix error [DCom] Live Content [Paid]
  • Fixing a bug with the "Typing" block (https://xenforo.com/community/threads/dcom-live-content-paid.206476/post-1607725)
  • Added group rights to enable real-time alerts
  • Minimizing the browser or switching browser tabs will disconnect from the socket to save server resources. When you return to the browser tab, the socket connection will be restored immediately.
  • Sound alerts are disabled by default for new users.
  • Code refactoring
  • Added support real-time alerts
  • Added support for XenForo 2.1
  • Fixing an error when creating/editing a user in the Admin Panel
  • Fixed a bug with rendering of the "Typing..." block (the phrase was not translated when changing the language)
  • Fixed a rare bug where when adding a message, the avatar did not change to online status
  • Support [DCom] Auto Merge Double Post
  • Added the ability to configure a socket via a subdomain. It is necessary when connecting the main domain to services that are not friendly with the WebSocket protocol, for example, Ezoic.
  • Code refactoring
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the "Typing..." block.
  • Fixed a connection disconnection error when working in longpolling mode.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when viewing the history of changes to messages
  • Fixing a bug with message moderation when the "Enable AJAX pagination" option is enabled
  • Fix bugs.
  • If the client does not support the websocket protocol, it will automatically use http long polling for communication.
  • Added support for realtime when editing messages and when receiving reactions.
  • Fix bug with drawing online-offline user status when the user hides their status.
In the FAQ, the config for connecting a proxy on the OpenLiteSpeed server has been fixed.
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  • Fix found bugs
  • Code refactoring
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