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  2. 2.3
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This is a cXF Pack C Membership Add-on. Upgrade your account to cXF Pack C Membership for:
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Add an extra user tab next to the Account tab. This can be useful for promotions, extras only for specific user groups etc.


  • extra user tab with an editable icon next to the Account tab
  • option to change the tab icon color
  • option to set the menu width
  • add widgets to the menu with two widget positions for this add-on
  • edit the template to add any content (images, banners, codes, scripts, etc.)
  • extra user tab visibility is based on user permissions
  • option to hide the extra tab on mobile devices
  • option to add two links in menu's footer row
  • compatible with [cXF] Top Navigation and [cXF] Vertical Navigation add-ons

For live DEMO check customizexf.com

How to start after the installation?
Make sure to set the view permission for the extra user tab. After you can add widgets to two dedicated positions (above and below the content). The "main" content can be inserted directly into a dedicated template: cxf_extra_user_tab_content

Check the FAQ tab for help.


< demo for extra user tab - main content, widget above and below the content, footer links >


< demo for extra user tabs for guests >


< demo for extra user tab with larger menu width and widget from [cXF] Membership Page add-on >


< widget positions >


< permissions to view the tab >

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