Crowd Moderation

Unmaintained Crowd Moderation 1.2.2

No permission to buy ($15.00)
These are back-ported change from the XF2 version
  • Rename option "Use Variable Points" to "Use user group for points and limit" and updated the text to explain if this option is set you must configure the permissions "Crowd Moderation Report Limit" and "Crowd Moderation Points"
  • If "Use user group for points and limit" is set, then the "Crowd Moderation Report Limit" permission is ignored
  • Remove report center dependency, re-permitting this add-on to work with reports going to a forum.
This add-on's price has changed. From $9.99 USD => $15 USD purchase, and $5 USD => $10 USD renewal.

Now supports limiting the number of times a user's report action contributes to the report count for a piece of content. Additionally, the ability to limit crowd moderation actions to reports in given states (ie once rejected/resolved crowd moderation is disabled for that content.
  • New permission "Crowd Moderation Report Limit"
    • No default set!
  • New option Actionable Report States
    • List of report states where crowd moderation is possible. Default "open"
  • Fix compatibility issue with [WMTech] Sticky Multiple Account Info add-on.
Now avaliable for purchase.

  • Fix overridding of reporting content (compat fix for Report Improvements)
  • Correct text spelling in options.
  • Minor code-cleanup
You can now set it to soft delete the content instead of just inserting into the moderation queue.

Can also disable the variable point system.
You can allow different user groups to get a "bigger say" in the moderation. In group permissions under "can report content" you'll see a new option where you can assign a number for them. If you assign 0, the votes won't count at all towards moderation.
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