Country flag

Country flag 2.0

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Country flag v2.0 changes:

Added URL option to allow members to change their country flag. See Questions and answers in overview for more information.
Country flag v1.9 changes:

Removed unused Image path in options page.
Country flag v1.8 changes:

Now using for country lookup.
Country flag v1.7 changes:

Now compatible with XF 2.2.6 and newer.
Country flag v1.6 changes:

Removed unused variable in PHP code.
Country flag v1.5 changes:

Now compatible with PHP 7.4.
Country flag v1.4 changes:

Made adjustment to margins surrounding the display of the flag.
Country flag v1.3 changes:

Hover over flag with cursor and now it will show just the country name.

Anyone running a previous version should run the updateall function which will delete current country information for all users, then run the Country flag cron entry.

To run the updateall function add this to your forum URL:

Country flag v1.2 changes:

Country flag now displays as 16x16 pixels. Also added support for retina displays.
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