Countdown 2.4

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Countdown v2.4 changes:

Updated Template Modification to use Regular Expression.
Countdown v2.3 changes:

Forgot to include the JavaScript file in the previous version.
Countdown v2.2. changes:

Minor improvements made to the User Interface. form input size and phrases.
Countdown v2.1 changes:

Added support to change labels under each number of the countdown timer, now it's very easy to change for non-English forums.
Countdown v2.0 changes:

The previous package forgot to include the countdown.js file.
Countdown v1.9 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Countdown v1.8 changes:

Updated Template Modification.
Countdown v1.7 changes:

Now properly calculates exact Countdown time based on timezone and UTC time of event.
Countdown v1.6 changes:

Forgot to include the /js/ folder in the previous update.
Countdown v1.5 changes:

Cleaned up some PHP coding errors.
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