Conversation Essentials

Conversation Essentials 2.7.7

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The option to kick a user from conversation is just a must. Especially if moderators added the wrong user to a mod only conversation..
Thank you very much for this excellent add-on. It is helping us to expand our community and bringing users more features which isn't implemented in core system.
This is truly an "essential" add-on. The bulk of our forum activity takes place in Conversations, so offering members features to organize and control those conversations truly improves their experience on our site. Xon is always quick to reply to support tickets and issue bug fixes.
Another excellent add-on by Xon. Many great features. Great support. Highly recommended. Thanks!
Top quality, well written addon providing features now considered fundamental by our users. Always great support from Xon in the rare event of any issues too.
I have been using this addon for years, and recently upgraded again. This add-on has been tremendously improved communications in my forum - I can't imagine doing without it. Support has been prompt and very helpful.
I've been using many of Xon's add-ons for quite some time now. Each and every one of them provides essential features, neat additions and is supported stellarly. If you have the rare occasion when something doesn't work quite right, Xon's response (or bugfix) is just a report away. Greatly recommended.
this addon is a godsend. its the only way to be able to have your conversations jump to the most recent post if its already been read, rather than starting at the very first conversation.
Xon does it once again. The labels and rules have so much potential. They need to be extended just a little bit though.
This is a great addon regardless of forum size. Though the quality of life this presents for my members on my very large forum is by far unquestionable. Get this if you like the conversation system.
All-round great addon, with helpful, prompt support whenever we've had to get in touch with Xon to resolve any issues we find. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who makes use of the conversations system, regardless of how small or large their forum is.
One of essentials addon if you just think about private conversations on your forum. Great addon, many great possibilities to arrange settings per usergroups. Support is excellent, developer Xon is open to suggestions. All in all, if you need very good addon and great support, take this one, you will not regret.
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