Content Title Edit History

Content Title Edit History 2.3.3

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  • Update php 8.2 compatibility fixes
  • php 8.2 compat fixes
  • Fix "Declaration of X::getHtmlFormattedContent must be compatible" error on viewing title history
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  • Fix installer listener did not correctly apply schema changes when a supported add-on was detected being installed.
  • Adjust 'title history' link to have better style compatibility
  • Requires php 7.0+
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon
  • Confirm XF2.2 support
  • Fix "Declaration of ...\Editor::setTitle($title) must be compatible with SV\TitleEditHistory\XF\Service\Thread\Editor::setTitle($title, ...$args)" on more strict versions of php
  • On rebuilding (or upgrading) of this add-on, ensure database schema changes have been applied
  • Require XF2.1+
  • Add support for XFMG

Thanks @batpool52!
  • Apply XFRM support if XFRM is installed after this add-on
  • Update installer
  • minor code cleanup
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  • Support MultiPrefix when viewing history of a supported content type.
  • Fix User Essentials compatibility issue.
  • Rework code to more easily extend additional content types.
    • Open to pull requests!