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  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
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This add-on allows categories to be collapsible. Credit goes to @Steve F for pointing out the HTML/CSS codes along with the know-how. My work was to make it into an add-on to save the headache of modifying the codes manually.

unzip and upload to src/addons. In the Admin PC>Add-on find CollapsibleCatergory and hit install.

@Steve F has already shared the aftermath:

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Latest updates

  1. Maintenance update

    Minor issue fix Set direct cookie expiration value.
  2. enhancement

    This fixes a minor issue related to category not staying collapsed.
  3. Maintenance update

    This update fixes a minor issue related to how the collapse button behave once clicked

Latest reviews

Very helpful addon for forums with many categories and nodes. Thank you very much for giving the opportunity to download this addon for free.
Working perfect with XF 2.3 beta 7.
Very good! Thank you very much for this Addon! I love it! Best regards from germany. Stefan from
Finally after long time searching, xenfocus recommended this add on, rather changing css on every theme. just a Perfect solution! massive thanks
Works great on XF v2.1.10 and saved me making the template edits manually. I'm hoping that users' choices get stored in the cookie OK as haven't tested that yet.
Perfect add-on, just what I needed to update an old XF1.4 addon I used! I really like the animation and icons! :)
Dead simple install and utilization. Only does what it sets out to do, but does it well, for free! Running on XF 2.1 great.
Works just as I the "toggle" look to make it easy and modern for users to customize what they want primarily displayed on their main page.
I love this addon. I use it on two sites and my users just love it. However, since I upgraded to XF 2.0.10 on both sites, the collapse/expand button has moved to just under the category titles on both sites.
Thanks for the review, just released a new version that is now compatible with xf 2.10.
Excellent. Easy way to add collapsible categories to any style. Sure beats having to do a bunch of manual edits to each one of them.
Works great on our custom theme as well as the base theme. Simple to install, and doesn't require any configuration. I'd hoped to find something like this as we used to have Toggle [me] for XF1. Thanks!
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