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This add-on allows categories to be collapsible. Credit goes to @Steve F for pointing out the HTML/CSS codes along with the know-how. My work was to make it into an add-on to save the headache of modifying the codes manually.

unzip and upload to src/addons. In the Admin PC>Add-on find CollapsibleCatergory and hit install.

@Steve F has already shared the aftermath:

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  1. Allow for more flexible template modification.

    Allow for more flexible template modification. To install the update, unzip ALMUSA and upload...

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Excellent. Easy way to add collapsible categories to any style. Sure beats having to do a bunch of manual edits to each one of them.
Works great on our custom theme as well as the base theme. Simple to install, and doesn't require any configuration. I'd hoped to find something like this as we used to have Toggle [me] for XF1. Thanks!