Unmaintained Charm 1.5.1

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AccountMenu can now fit more text in a single column item. You can adjust #AccountMenu width if you want to fit even more text there.
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  • Replaced Login bar animations with stunningly fast new ones. Activated via 'Enable fast animations' option in Charm style properties;
  • Animations are now handled via GSAP library (can improve performance on some devices);
  • Fixed Likes bar incorrect animation;
  • Fixed Quicknav icon, now displays properly across all clients supported;
  • Fixed Login bar eAuth buttons display on small and medium width displays;
  • Fixed bug in Safari 10 when sidebar was not clickable;
  • Changed IE support condition to 'later than 8';
  • Removed HTML and Content HiDPI style properties;
  • Removed Page Background option, moved contents to HTML property;
  • Removed Charm gradients style property group. Gradients moved to corresponding style properties;
  • Updated High DPI media queries to non-prefixed version;
  • Revamped node list, now works on table layout with zero overflow hacks. Supports BD Widget 2.5.9;
  • Moved to WebFontLoader library for external fonts download instead of a simple <link> tag;
  • Revamped Moderator bar: now it's adaptive and admin link text is replaced with it's own icon on a small device screen width.
Style updated for XenForo 1.5.9.
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  • Fixed a bug in iOS Safari when you required to double click a link in navigation;
  • Links in footer now properly align on small display widths.
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  • Improved the way charm.css is loaded. Now it is required in Page Container template.
  • Removed Custom Navigation Behaviour option due to its bugginess and overall unusability.
  • Removed option for Adaptive header. Now header is always adaptive.
  • Added option to disable inline header to make it look like default style.
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  • Fixed an appearance bug with disabled options in dropdowns.
  • Fixed an appearance bug with page title on resource update editing page.
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  • Improved Media Gallery appearance, still not completely supported though.
  • Fixed dropdown arrows conflicting with old Charm code.
  • Style updated to support Media Gallery 1.1.1.
  • Improved member card appearance to follow xenOverlay style.
  • Avatars in simple thread list view now have appropriate paddings.
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  • Support for XenForo 1.5.1.
  • Improved dropdown arrows appearance and code.
  • Useful searches button now follows general design concept.
  • Fixed featured resources appearance.
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  • Fixed bug with MG CSS dependency.
  • Tabs look prettier now, especially stacking tabs.
  • Fixed News Feed styled as main section in some places.