Can Warn Staff

Can Warn Staff 2.2.0

No permission to download
  • Code style update
  • Remove XF2.0 compatibility code
  • Fix compatibility for error value not being returned in a number of cases
  • Fix issue blocking expiry reply-ban issued to admin/mod
  • Allow non mod/admin staff to be reply banned without special permission
  • Fix preventing posts showing in News Feed
  • Fix deleting reply-bans for admins/mods to be consistent with deleting warnings for admins/mods
  • Add an icon
  • Update to be compatible with User Essentials to reduce the number of queries to load other user's permissions
  • Fix error on profile pages with XF2.1 and php 7.0+
  • Initial XF2.1 compatibility update
  • Remove extra query for visitors without the Warn permission, when viewing threads or profile posts
  • Prevent error when viewing a profile post which has non-visible profile post comments. This appears to be an XF bug
  • Tweak execution order of class extensions/template modifications/etc to provide predictable ordering
  • Add LICENCE and README.MD to redistributable.