Calendar 2.4.3

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  • Avoid an error when trying to cancel an event no one is attending.
  • Add the ability for events to be cancelled. When cancelled, notifications will be sent to all who RSVP'd as attending or maybe attending.
  • Add a clearer link to completely remove an RSVP.
  • Fix display of inline moderation checkbox when viewing a list of events.
  • Ensure tables have a consistent naming scheme.
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  • Make sure time input controls are properly hidden on page load when editing an all-day event.
  • Add clearer filtering option to get to past events.
  • Add inline moderation actions to events.
  • Phrase some bits of hardcoded text.
  • Prevent users from creating threads within designated event forums.
  • Ensure JS bundles are all properly minimised.
  • Ensure location auto-completion JS isn't loaded if the feature is disabled.
  • Installer hardening.
  • Remove some lingering unused templates.
  • Fix incorrect relation when pulling RSVP responses.
  • Fix menu drop down button showing with no options.
  • Add missing event bookmark phrase & template.
  • Fix RSVP permission check & all day event start/end dates.
  • Add widget to display upcoming events.
  • Clean up unused phrases.
  • Add support for Xon's User Activity add-on.
  • Fix an issue where (user_id, event_id) uniqueness wasn't enforced on event read table.
  • Minor improvements to SEO-related metadata.
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  • Restore JS functionality to when picking event start and end dates.
  • Redirect back to calendar when deleting event.
  • Fix counter rebuild query looking for incorrect column name.
  • Maintain layout when paginating.
  • Show event header and tabs on associated discussion threads.
  • Show RSVP filters in filter bar when active.
  • Add rebuilds as command line commands.
  • Add rebuilds to Tools -> Rebuild caches.
  • Add the ability to autocomplete locations.
  • Improve support for approval queue.
  • Minor fixes to date pairing JS.
  • Added a couple templates that were missing.
  • Ensure attachment thumbnails appear correctly.
  • Ensure embed metadata is rebuilt after an XF1 upgrade.
  • Display create event button in forums linked to specific calendars.
  • Update bundled utils.