Banner 2.0

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Banner v2.0 changes:

Fixed issue where PHP save code was not saving the correct values relating to widgets display preferences.
Banner v1.9 changes:

Added header and widget option.
Banner v1.8 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
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Banner v1.7 changes:

Now using finder for performing database queries.
Banner v1.6 changes:

Added Exclude forums to options page.
Banner v1.5 changes:

Updated setup to use schema manager.
Banner v1.4 changes:

Template modification code will only run when there are banners to display.
Banner v1.3 changes:

Added option to show banners in the header.
Banner v1.2 changes:

Updated PHP file to prevent server errors in non View response conditions.
Banner v1.1 changes:

Renamed database table to xf_andyb_banner.

1) Copy Banner admin data you have entered into a text editor for safe keeping.
2) Uninstall any previous version.
3) Copy Andy/Banner folder to your server.
4) Install Banner.
5) Set User group permissions.
6) Enter data into Banner admin from step 1.