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Unmaintained Back To The Top 1.0.3b

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New version packaged with latest version of the jquery script.
Split CSS into own file and enable HTML for custom Text

Resulting in:

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Reactions: Adam Howard and KiF
  • Fixed bug with scrollspeed option
  • Fixed bug with div being displayed in responsive view when choosing to not display in responsive
  • New Custom Text option makes it easier to change the text displayed
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Reactions: KiF and Adam Howard
Fixed a bug from 1.0.2a where I missed the px from the width.

Adds new option to use @nonResponsiveMinWidth or set your own min-width value.
I've changed the min-width setting to be 1024 to stop it showing on iPads.
2 bug fixes
  • @media (min-width:{xen:property nonResponsiveMinWidth})
  • font-family: instead of just font
New Feature
  • Allows you to specify your own custom font to be added to the font-family. Defaults to 'Trebuchet MS'
I've added an option group to allow you to change a few settings for the Back to Top box via the ACP

You can also choose to disable it in Responsive view

Add-on has been updated to include the newer jquery code, and now includes relevant templates and template modifications.


If you want to style the button yourself, this can be done by directly editing the back_to_top template