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Unmaintained Avatars - Big & Tall

The default 96px size may work for most people, but I like a bigger print. I modified the height to 120px and it was exactly what was needed. Perfect solution, clearly explained and simple to implement! Thanks Jake!
great, exactly what we're after :)
Thanks this is exactly what I was after.
Wonderful! Just what we needed for our forum!
Handy just for the img="true"
Love this modification, our forum members have costumes and they always prefer to show portraits, this takes care of the avatars being just square. Thanks Jake
This is a fantastic tweak! This visual representation is the new style and required no mass amounts of coding! great job.
Awesome love this tweak thanks
OMG Jake. I never imagine someone would make this, thank you, thank you, thank you. Way better than having to edit the core files.