Resources by JustinHawk

A simple addon allow you to send email of your Approval queue to specified users every hour.
Beta [SL] FAQ BBCOCDE 1.0.0
Allows You to create FAQ within Threads using BBCODE
[J] Email Check JustinHawk
Block Registration via Disposable E-mail
Unmaintained [J] Auto Complete Location 1.3.3
a simple addon that auto-complete location field while registration and at other pages.
[J] Thread Preview JustinHawk
Addon provides a preview of the first post as well as the last post
Unmaintained [J] Forum List Tabs 1.3.0
This add-on adds the option to add forum categories into tabs in the main forum list.
Unmaintained [J] Block Disposable E-mail 2.0
Block Registration via Disposable E-mail
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