Resources by Crash Test

[UH] Remove Attachments Permissions Crash Test
Permissions to delete attachments.
[UH] GD Gif Animations Crash Test
Unmaintained [UH] GD Gif Animations 2.2.10
GIF animation without Imagick PECL extension.
[UH] XFRM Tags In Discussion Crash Test
Unmaintained [UH] XFRM Tags In Discussion 2.2.9
Add the tags you create when you post a resource to the topic of discussion.
[UH] Footer Links Crash Test
Unmaintained [UH] Footer Links 2.2.4
The addon will allow you to change the appearance of the footer links.
[UH] Go to conversation Crash Test
Unmaintained [UH] Go to conversation 2.2.2
Allow users to choose which message to go to in a read conversation.
[UH] Extended Birthdays Crash Test
Unmaintained [UH] Extended Birthdays 2.2.2
Expand the functionality of the «Today's birthdays» widget.
[UH] Widget List Crash Test
Unmaintained [UH] Widget List 2.2.2
Add the display order of the widget to the widgets page.
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