[AP] Member Bars

[AP] Member Bars 1.3.0

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  • Try to align names, bars, avatars & data values better
  • Remove unused Setup.php
  • Migrate inline CSS to ap_member_bars.less
  • Change default bar color to better suit default Xenforo theme
  • Fix PHP8 error if data value is representing time
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  • Add GPLv3 license
  • Officially support Xenforo 2.1
Stops bar lengths from breaking if $data.value contains a comma (thanks to @Brogan for the fix)
This update removes the previously added color Option and replaces it instead with Style Properties, allowing for per-theme color selection.
This update allows you to select the color of the bars in the Admin panel, without needing to modify the templates manually.
This removes fixed widths to make the bars adapt to any skin, and also adds bars to the extended view of the notable members page.
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