[AP] Character Counter

[AP] Character Counter 1.2.1

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  • Rewrite jQuery in Javascript pending XF2.3
  • Account for article message types when calculating maximum length
    • Additionally check for [OzzModz] Article Maximum Character/Image/Media Settings article length
  • Add "Quick thread create" option to list of possible counter locations
  • Remove duplicate permission (double check to make sure "Forum permissions: Can view character / word counter" is correctly set)
  • Count words instead of whitespaces
  • Create "Display counter in the following locations" admin option
  • Create style properties for restyling & relocating the counter within the editor
  • Allow counting of words instead of characters
  • Use phrase for "Characters" text
  • Create admin option to display the message limit
  • Create admin option to display a reverse "count down" to message limit
  • Fix issue where permission wasn't actually being checked
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