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Ads Manager 2 Lite by Siropu 1.2.0

No permission to buy (€29.99)
Added admin options for setting custom CSS classes for ad and package units.
Added 2 new position criteria options based on thread types: Discussion, Poll, Question, Article, Suggestion
Added thread type support for keyword and affiliate ads.
Added two new positions: Above messages below pinned post, Above messages below solution

Bugs Fixed
Wrong JS path for popup/background ads.
Package view delete button not working.
Issues with some TM positions.
Added a new package carousel feature called "Responsive breakpoints" which allows you to set how many ads to show based on screen width.
Made some changes in the click fraud monitor block method to use pure server side IP blocking instead of relying on cookies for block time.
Added ability to search entries by IP in Click fraud monitor log.

Bugs Fixed
AdBlock detection issue with wrong JS file path.
Click tracking on affiliate links not working due to a recent change for hiding the affiliate URL.
Potential error in mobile detect.
Potential error in position criteria if thread author is deleted.
Missing close button for ads over embedded media in Media Gallery.
Added a new position criteria called "Page number is". This option allow you to display the ad only if the page number matches.

Made some changes to the lazy load method to load the ad before getting into the view when you scroll up/down.
Added order feature to top performing ads, top performing packages and top performing positions.

Bugs Fixed
XenForo template syntax error with some code.
Carousel CDN not working properly.
Alignment issue for media view video container.
Added option to use keyword and affiliate ads in Chat private conversations.

Bugs Fixed
Daily stats not working in email ads.
Hide affiliate URL not working when you open link with the middle mouse button.
Counting views and clicks in email banner ads is now possible.
Added a new forum view position called "Above stickies". Using this position with a text ad type, will be displayed as a thread.

Bugs Fixed
AdBlock dismissible notice close button not working if core script is blocked.
Ad alignment settings not working with email ads. (Has been tested with gmail).
Fixed an issue where email ads are displayed in both positions when you set it to only one.
Fixed an issue where you get an error if the user entity is not available in the email container.
Added two new positions for HTML emails: Above email content, Below email content
It works with code, banner, text and link ad type.
It works with user criteria.

Added popup option to hide overlay close button.

Bugs Fixed
Popup ads issue with packages.
Popup ads issue with auto hide and pagination.
AdBlock detection issue on Chrome.
CSS issues on some positions.
Carousel not working on embedded ads.
Added 2 new position criteria options:
Thread is older than X days​
Thread is NOT older than X days​

Added 2 new admin options:
Enable click fraud monitor global blocking - If one ad triggers an IP block, all ads with click fraud protection will be hidden from that IP.​
Delete click fraud monitor entries older than x days​

Added page URL in click fraud monitor list.