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[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count 1.6.0

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I've used this before, and now, with my new forum, I am again using it. Very cool! I use a custom navigation for new posts and the callback method was easy to set up! Thanks!!
Excellent AddOn. Finally an overview of how many unread posts there are. Helpful for everyone using the Forum.
Excellent. Very helpful for my community members. I had been looking for this addon for a while. Thanks to Member Gemma, I found it.
I love all of my add-ons, which I have many. This is the single most important add-on on my site. I have a home page, and this lets visitors know they have unread posts. It pulls them into the "What's new" page/tab. Thanks so much for porting Chris.D's add-on. I really think this should be part of the core XF, but I am at least happy to have this for my site. Works great! Thanks gain
This add on is great. Start using from the first version. It is really very useful. With last upgrade that includes mobile, it gets better. Many thanks for your support.
The latest addition to show in mobile view has made my day. My members have been asking for this every day since upgrading to XF2. What a great addon! Thankyou.
Thank you.
Sorry for my Google English. :)
Installed on the forum.
Everything works, it's the best I've seen.
Excellent addon and it's just what my forum needed and it works as advertised. And its a great addition to my forum, Thank you for making it!
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