[AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System

[AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System 1.4.1

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  • Improved PHP 8 compatibility
  • Fixed showing "Unknown page" for activity on the who's online page
  • Fixed field name phrase in the user change log
  • Hide level in postbit when the levels system is disabled
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Major Changes:
  • The built-in XF Trophy System is no longer necessary to use the auto-award feature. Awards now have their own criteria options. The criteria will automatically be copied for awards with linked trophies when upgrading to this version
Additional Changes:
  • Awards "overwrite" category option
    • If checked, awards in the category will be replaced by the last award the user receives from the category. Users will only be able to have one award from the category at a time. (Special thanks to @Gsk8 for sponsoring this feature)
  • All awards are now displayed in the user profiles "Awards" tab (no need to click on each category)
  • Logs the user who gives awards
  • Admin options are now tabbed to reduce the need of having to switch through multiple setting groups
  • Added phrase for user award tooltip text "af_as_user_award_tooltip"
  • Improved compatibility with XF 2.2.2
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  • Fixes user level not displaying in member tooltip/profile for XF 2.2
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Main Changes:
  • XF 2.2 Compatibility
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Bug Fix:
  • Fixed an undefined index error caused if the AdminCP option "Default registration option values: Auto feature awards" was un-checked.
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New Features:
  • User groups allowed to manage user awards can now sort and feature/un-feature any user's awards by clicking on the "Feature" button in the user's profile or postbit
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Cannot call method canManuallyFeatureAwards on a non-object error for posts by guest users
  • Removed banned/disabled users from the awarded users list
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New Features:
  • New user group permissions for more flexibility:
    • User groups allowed to: Show Featured Awards
    • User groups allowed to: Manually Feature Awards
    • User groups NOT allowed to: Manually Feature Awards
  • Additional User Criteria
    • User has reached at least award level X
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We're happy to bring you version 1.2! It includes many highly requested features + more.

New Features:
  • Auto-Feature Awards
    • Option for users to enable/disable
    • Option for admin to set the default value
    • Users that have earned awards, but haven't featured any at the time of installing this update will automatically have their most recent awards featured
  • Max Featured Awards Per Level
    • Specify the max featured awards according to the user's level
  • Awards Custom CSS support
  • Level Colors
    • Show the user's level as an icon and specify the color according to the user's level
  • Additional Trophy User Criteria:
    1. User has posted at least X messages in Y forum
    2. User has started a thread with at least X replies in Y forum
    3. User has completed X user fields
  • User awards profile privacy permissions: All, members-only, people you follow, no one
  • "Feature Awards" postbit button (w/ style property to hide)
  • Allow showing level progress in postbit (w/ style property to hide)
  • Support postbit "featuring" the same award multiple times

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed awards not hiding in postbit on mobile (for some styles) + improved compatibility with styles
  • Other optimizations / code refactoring
We're happy to bring you version 1.1!
This is a major update that contains a lot of features that have been requested over the past few months. Feel free to leave a review if you enjoy it.

New Main Features:
  • Levels system: assign points for each award and control how many points are required to level up (supports incremental amounts)
    • Enable/Disable option
    • Show levels in postbit and profiles
    • Progress bar shows points until next level and percentage
    • Alert users when they reach a new level
  • Re-designed user awards page: cleaner a better look
  • Featured awards: Allow users to show/hide and order which awards to feature on the postbit. (max featured amount can be set in AdminCP)
  • Award category display modes: Visible, Step By Step, Hidden (like Master Badge)
  • Multi-award support: Allow the same award to be received more than once
  • Carousel postbit display mode: Show postbit awards in an auto-cycling carousel. This is now the default mode but can be changed through style properties in AdminCP
  • Master Badge (XF1) Importer: Import your data from the Master Badge XF1 add-on
New Additional Features:
  • Added admin permissions group: admins will need to be a super admin or have the awards permission group to manage the award system
  • Hide award count in profile and hover menu if zero
  • Disable award requests/recommendations globally or individually per award
  • Disable individual awards from allowing to be featured on postbit
  • Hide awards from the awards listing page
Other Changes:
  • Optimized awards listing page: reduced queries
  • Optimized postbit display: reduced queries
  • Suppressed trophy alerts when linked to an award (avoiding double alerts)


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This is a minor upgrade that improves stability for XF 2.1.4.

A major update (1.1) update will be out very soon :)
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