[AddonFlare] Paid Ads (Powerful Ad Rotation System)

[AddonFlare] Paid Ads (Powerful Ad Rotation System) 1.2.0

No permission to buy ($34.97)
The support system is very bad, you wait for days after typing. I do not suggest. Think again before buying.
I absolutely love this Addon. I've just gotten really familiar with it and I love the flexibility. Basically, everything that I could think of that I would want to do with ads is in there. You can tell that a lot of thought went into creating this add on! Very well done AddonFlare! Top Notch!
We appreciate the review Andrus, glad you're enjoying it!
We've been using this on our VB4 site and are currently migrating to XF2 where we will also be using this.

We had originally only used Google Adsense for banner ads on our site. When we received requests for ads, we always had to sell them site-wide ads which was expensive. This addon allowed us to sell banner ads in each individual forum, greatly reducing the cost for advertisers. Since it was cheaper for advertisers to buy ads, they bought more often. The ads were also more targeted so advertisers got better click through rates.

Since using the system it helped us increase our banner ad revenue by 50%. The system is automated, so users can purchase the ad space on their own making it less work for us.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their ad revenue.
Thanks for the review Mike! :)