AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock]

AdBlock Detection [anti-AdBlock] v2.0.5

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  • Randomized manual key
  • Updated manual entity name if auto-updating is disabled
  • Updated addon title to be consistent from XF to Options to Installation
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This is a non-urgent or required update.
  • This version adds back the original non-minified javascript files
    • This files are rarely used, but may be required in development mode or when minification is disabled along with automatic javascript generation
For most users, this update provides zero benefit. However, moving forward this build and all future builds will leave non-minified javascript files for broader support.
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  • Defaulted URL downloads to CURL
  • Fallback to allow_url_open
  • Added log messages for failed URL downloading
  • If file writing fails, it defaults to static files
    • Creates LOG error to let administrators know the /js/ folder is not writable
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  • Added an admin option to show "upgrade" link if the adblock is being shown to a logged in user
  • Consolidated notice styles to stylesheet .less
  • Removed HTML markup from notice phrase
If you're updating an made your own template changes you may want to revert all templates and build over.


  • 2.0.2 - option.webp
    2.0.2 - option.webp
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  • 2.0.2 - notice.webp
    2.0.2 - notice.webp
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  • 2.0.2 - overlay.webp
    2.0.2 - overlay.webp
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  • Restored the per-user level usergroup options (unsure why they went missing in v1.9.8 to v2.0.0)
  • Bug fix (ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Undefined index: wutime_adblock_recent_easylist) on install
    • Uses fallback until options are installed post install (then uses proper method on future cron runs)
Thanks to @SteveW1966
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  • Features automatic list download every cron run
  • Randomly selects an updated JavaScript item from the currently available easy list
  • Allows forum owner to select a list from their home country/location if preferred
  • Features all previous Alpha updates
  • Features fallback naming if the list cannot be downloaded or there's no available items (or the forum owner made a mistake entering their list URL)
  • Creates an error in the general log to notify the administrator of any issues with list download should it occur
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  • Significant performance boosts using template_pre_render plus hint (render performance improvement)
  • Removed overlay code if notice is selected (page load improvement)
  • Updated and altered notice rendering and moved inline styles to style sheet (page load improvement)
  • New styles wutime_adblock_styles.less contains all CSS
  • Refactored parts of notice rendering (when overlay is disabled)
  • Introduction to automatic easy list integration (currently in development)
Users with modified templates or modified notice related styles should revert styles/templates.

Please note, if you're upgrading from v1.9.7 or earlier you may log errors during update; clear the errors and you'll be fine.

To avoid errors during install, disable "Board active" during install: admin.php?options/groups/boardActive/
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  • Automatically generates JavaScript every 6 hours by Cron
  • Features optional secondary detection method
  • Automatically randomizes all filenames and folders
  • Automatically deletes old JavaScript (defaults to 24 hours old)
  • Automatically deletes all JavaScript on uninstall
  • Updated defaults for new installs
  • Added uninstall routine
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  • Added new theme (Black Out)
  • Added ability to choose your primary overlay color using a color picker
  • Randomized key


  • 1.9.7 options.webp
    1.9.7 options.webp
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