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Unmaintained 3,926 Farm-Fresh Web Icons v2.0

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I'd like to address several things in this update:
  1. The update now includes 426 additional icons.
  2. An additional bonus pack of Retina Ready icons are also made available.
  3. Icons are now sorted by color
-More information can be found on the Fat Cow Icon webpage

In addition to above when I originally made this resource I linked it directly to the fatcow download link:

I had some people try to tell me that this was against the Terms of Service. They kept saying I was hosting it myself, which I wasn't. So I went ahead and contacted FatCow regarding this and this transcript shows the result:
View attachment 81386

So because I wasn't violating anything at anytime, I have changed the download now button to point back to FatCow's download location.
This is a fix on the Download URL. Instead of getting the .zip directly from FatCow you'll get a text file that tells you where to get the icons.
To ensure I comply with any Terms of Use I have changed the download link from getting FatCow's zip file directly.

Instead, you'll have to click the link in the description to visit the page, and then download it manually.

It's an additional step sure, but the icons are worth the extra couple of seconds.