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    Resources: inline PDF handling

    Hi Andy, thanks, this is a step in the direction, but still not the preferred solution.
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    Resources: inline PDF handling

    Thank you, but I would prefer a solution without Google Docs Viewer. Surely there should be something available?
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    View thread content permissions & Google

    Yes, because it can't be crawled then.
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    User change log search criteria

    Hi, I use the user change log to see if there are spam accounts, people who change signatures and such to clear spam/promotional sites. It would be handy if I can search that log with some criteria or filters. I hope more people whould see the benefit of this feature :)
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    Resources: inline PDF handling

    On our forums we use a lot of the resource system like a knowledge base, we have resources containing one "pdf" file with information. It would be really nice, if it would be able to show the PDF inline, without the need for people to download the PDF file. Something like this showing the PDF...
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    What happened with b47's styles? Here is the explanation, but to summarize in short to maintain quality of resources :)
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    Option to set default thread type tab to question or other type

    I can second this request, it would be nice to have a thread type default per node.
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    XF 2.2 Track PWA usage

    Hi, how do I track PWA usage? I have enabled it, and it's working, but i'm wondering how many people are going to use it. Has anybody got some good methods to track usage? Preferable through xenforo?
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    Manage resource teams as admin

    Hi, I can currently not edit a resource team as an admin. I know I can change the owner to me, but its kinda a hassle if I just want to add one to a team where i'm not the resource owner.
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    Allow teams to be applied to all resources owned by a user

    Would be nice if a usergroup could be used.
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    Using DigitalOcean Spaces or Amazon S3 for file storage in XF 2.x

    How do people backup their data? I want to make back-up, even from "cloud" data, and want to have a consitent xenforo backup. And when I decide to stop with Amazon S3, I can simply reupload all data to the attachments directory?
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    RM 2.2 Resource Manager 2.2 - Teams, voting, custom fields...

    This is wonderfull. We have like knowlegde base articles, and now we can have multiple ppl maintain a specific resource :) Great job!
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    Good job on the new homepage

    Just stumbled on te new Homepage of Xenforo (Home). I really like the design, it feels 2020 :) What do you guys think? Will the style of Xenforo 2.2 also be more like the new homepage?
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    Implemented Thread templates for question forums

    Thanks, didn't realise it could do that :)
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    Implemented Thread templates for question forums

    The way to resolve a question is to get good information. Imho it would be really nice if we can have some kind of template options of options that an user can fill in when posting a question. Like: Model & Type: Year: When does it happen: What have you tried: It prevents the thread beeing...