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    Good Enough Blogs

    Waiting for a blog for XF2 for at least 2 of my sites.
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    Blogs and Social Group Addons for XF2?

    Waiting for a blog addon for XF2 for at least 2 of my sites.
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    Xenforo needs a CMS.

    @dethfire I already have a major site trapped in XF 1.5 because the dev of the blog vanished. No thanks.
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    Xenforo needs a CMS.

    Perfect solution would be an official Xenforo bridge to Wordpress. (I'm tired of vanishing developers.)
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    Option to only proxy non-HTTPS images

    Very needed...
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    XF 1.5 Invalid SOS parameters for sequential JPEG

    Now happened here the first time too, during avatar upload in XF 1.5.21 and PHP 7.2
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    MySql vs MariaDB 2018

    Cpanel finally introduces MySql 5.7 to CPanel in February 2018: Percona: Cpanel changes strategy...
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    Good Enough Blogs

    Is anyone using this on xf 1.5?
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    What is the average life expectancy of a forum.

    15 years counting...
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Very nice. Cant wait for autumn.
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    Implement AMP Project framework

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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Thanks, please keep us updated.
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Has anyone running this on Xenforo 1.5?
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    Ignore Threads & Nodes

    @Nobita.Kun ?
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    VaultWiki [Paid]

    There is no such file. You probably meant the other way round core/controller/install/full/steps/vw.php ? After this correction, installation seemed to work - but now it fails doing step 24 rebuilding cache entries. Every time I click on "next batch" it works for a short while then it comes...