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    OnePlus One Invitation

    Got one invite left. Only claim it if you're actually going to purchase it. I'll choose in a bit who gets it.
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    OnePlus One Invitation

    Got mine, it's actually pretty ****ing huge.. That's what she says
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    OnePlus One Invitation

    Not real sure of that. Of course Apple is doing a great job combining iOS and OS X in their latest beta builds, but you can't really say that it's innovative. They acted like it's a big thing that they have a "Drive" now that can store files in the cloud from iOS and OS X, but I've been doing...
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    My OnePlus One will be arriving on monday, because yesterday we had a national holiday...

    My OnePlus One will be arriving on monday, because yesterday we had a national holiday #firstworldproblems
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    OnePlus One Invitation

    But there was no guarantee you'll get a OPO when you smash your iPhone. It still was a chance of less than 1% probably :D
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    OnePlus One Invitation

    I just randomly got an invite today by "system" (64GB black). I guess I got it because it's my birthday? :D
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    Lack of interest Reason in Moderation Alert in Italic

    Yeah, for all the reasons for all types of alerts. I just thought "moderation reasons" was a good name :)
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    Lack of interest Reason in Moderation Alert in Italic

    Hello, I believe that putting the Moderation Reason in an Alert in Italic would help the readability of that alert. For example --> Especially if the alert wouldn't be on a new line. I also tried putting it between "quotes" but that doesn't look so good.
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    Implemented Link "Staff Online Now" to ".../members/?type=staff"

    @Brogan @Mike @Kier This can be moved to completed suggestions, seems to be implemented :D
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    It's not because this person is staff that you should spam his profile with support questions!

    It's user-based (on the user-id), so groups shouldn't really matter.
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    OnePlus One Invitation

    I currently have an S3 too and I think it's too small. Our different opinions aren't so difficult to explain though. You are someone who likes to have a phone and a tablet. I am someone who is still studying and have to travel by train every day, so I actually like having a 5-6 inch phone to do...
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    OnePlus One Invitation

    Hey, I'm looking for a new phone and I stumbled upon the OnePlus One Smartphone: I'm very interested in buying the phone, but there's one huge problem. You can, at the moment, only purchase one when you receive an invitation. There are only 2 ways of receiving one: 1)...
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    "Stay Logged In" checked by default (XenForo v1.0.x and 1.1.x)

    The 1.2/1.3 version is here: :)
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    Flexile Dark

    Good job on the style, but please watch out for including files like desktop.ini in every single map, my OCD doesn't like to see that on the server and now I gotta remove it ;)
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    Unmaintained Link "Staff Online Now" to Staff Page - Fix for SEO-Friendly addons

    There was a problem with the addon when the Full Friendly SEO Links were enabled. Fixed that problem :)