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    Old Skool Department

    How much altering was needed, I am thinking of purchasing it (CTA Featured Thread).
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    Add-on Allow users to select default display font

    If you put it as a sub of the main style you shouldn't need to.
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    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal)

    What I did was renamed the xmls to adsense1, 2 etc. & imported them over and over again. So yes.
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    Only Admins in "Staff Online Now"

    I want it so only admins appear in the "Staff Online Now" block. the reason is that we have non-staff members who moderate specific forums who aren't staff whereas all the actual moderators have admin permissions. Is there a way to achieve this?
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    Dover Locals

    Last time I spent a night in Dover, I woke up covered in paint with half an eyebrow.
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    XF 1.1 Will/Does 1.1 have a logging feature

    Does version 1.1 log admin and moderator actions, I remember reading somewhere if it would, and if it doesn't will that be implemented before the final release?
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    I am trying to give you 140$. I CAN'T, **because you don't have an IPB 3.2.X converter** !

    Can you not convert it to "Vbullentin" then to here, with my forum I had to do the same with PHPBB
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    Why do people reserve posts

    No it's alright. It's not necessary for my site. I just had to make sure that you could edit the first post. Now to blackmail the community into giving me $140
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    Why do people reserve posts

    So I am the webmaster for a gaming website. I have been reading some information on your software, playing around with the demo and looking at the addons (such as the 8wayrun series of addons) and it turns out your software is everything I was going to have to try and do myself but done 100...