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    [DBTech] DragonByte User Upgrade Coupons [Paid]

    Ok that's fair enough. Thank you, and I imagine having something built bespoke would complicate future upgrades too :(
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    [DBTech] DragonByte User Upgrade Coupons [Paid]

    Sorry, it's not impossible. The example code from PayPal for example is available here;
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    [DBTech] DragonByte User Upgrade Coupons [Paid]

    Is it possible to have even a custom change to this add-on so that we can offer a voucher that gives x% or x month discount? We want this where the user gets a discount on the initial purchase and then subsequent renewals are at the full rate. For example; our marketing message could be...
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    Account Upgrade With Promo Code [Deleted]

    Is this addon coming back, and if it is will this functionality be available?
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    Add-on XF2 Hashtags

    I'd be interested in knowing this too please @DragonByte Tech
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    Looking for a Theme designer for Rebrand/Redesign

    I've tagged prefix 2.2 because we're currently getting our forum running in 2.2 in a staging environment to start work on, but are currently running on 1.5 I'm looking for someone to help with some theme modification/redesign work on our current site ( ideally...