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    [Xenbros] Next and Previous Thread [Deleted]

    Would anyone happen to have a copy of this resource? We are investigating technical issues which it was suggested that this type of navigation might be useful.
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    Google SERP

    I've seen other sites with challenges, including my own. Multiple pages being deindexed, especially on the older/earlier side and none of it is thin content either. Looking into this issue.
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    AMP for XenForo [Paid]

    This is a cool addon and for certain sites. But I'd advise everyone to fully understand what AMP actually is before using it for your forum versus the responsive and mobile friendly version.
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    XF 1.5 Can't login to forum, but is logged in for addons

    In the spirit of helping others troubleshoot, the issues on this new server were caused by nginx being used as a proxy server for caching. Once removed, this odd behavior is gone. So CloudFlare (see other thread) and nginx, together and separately, can create all sorts of confusion and havoc.
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    XF 1.5 Can't login to forum, but is logged in for addons

    An odd issue on the new test server. This site worked perfectly on the old server (but that didn't have an nginx server deployed reverse proxy for caching.) See as an example of where you can be logged in ONLY on pages other than the forumhome. Try user name...
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    XF 1.5 Can't delete threads, some do but "don't" exist

    So the answer to part of this question is.... CloudFlare + nginx doing caching can play havoc with your XF site and make it look like ghosts are reappearing. The setup at a new host is proving challenging.
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    XF 1.5 Can't delete threads, some do but "don't" exist

    So here's a good one. I've got a site which was dormant for a short while but recently hit by some Russian spammers. I can see the posts. But I can't delete them, even as superadmin. And then I tried to search by user to see their posts and I get zero as the total of some of their posts. I tried...
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    XF 1.5 Increased contact form spam

    Has anyone seen an increase in the amount of contact form spam? Normally changing the challenge question works. But I'm getting hit daily with ridiculous contact spam and in various languages. I get hints of what some of these spammers are using along with "test" posts, including xrumer. It's a...
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    BbCodes & Buttons Manager

    I've just noticed that font-awesome seems to load twice on my pages. One loads from maxcdn from my style. The other instance loads locally from my site from the same template bbm_fa_integration. Even removing the load from the style doesn't change the load from this template as it will always...
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    Implement AMP Project framework

    There is a great deal of good info as well as some misinformation in this thread about what AMP actually is and ranking signals. I attended this Google Hangout on Wednesday and which is now published on YouTube and which some of you might find valuable and answer a good many questions.
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    Easy User Ban by Siropu [Paid]

    I cant remember if this addon provides the ban button we have on our forum and I believe it may. For some reason I've noticed that some spammers seem to have avoided having this button being generated on their posts. It might be coincidental. Wondering if others have seen this issue. I'll make...
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    XF 1.5 Prevent about box spam

    Thanks Brogan. I had thought about that but it just doesn't work in a number of contexts. In addition, I get many retroactive edits and users themselves may not know we don't have links in the about areas or any text field. Just have to disable bbcode or bbcode parsing as the general about box...
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    XF 1.5 Prevent about box spam

    Not surprising that the About box and every other field is being used to inject BBCode. Is there a way to prevent the use of BBcode in any of the profile fields, especially the about box? Spammers don't care about nofollow links. They will sell this junk to customers as a link and talk about...
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    HTML BBCode (permission protected) [Paid]

    Haven't looked to deeply into this. Are you saying that it can be modified to work properly but has not been done or that even doing so will render this addon unusable?
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    Implement AMP Project framework

    Google is doing everything it can to ensure that sites load reasonably quickly. Ranking signals for pure speed of whether a site that loads in 2.43 seconds versus 2.48 seconds will be of negligible if any effect at all. Why is this? Because Google's #1 concern is about providing excellent...