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    How are y'all blocking scammers and not deterring new members from registering?

    My site has a bustling Classified section. There are a handful of scammers who continually prey on naive members. We've provided best practice, tips and tricks for our members, and of course we've blocked the scammers via IP addresses. Since the scammers use VPN they keep registering new...
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    Register using phone number

    Google Authenticator is too much to ask of forum members, and would deter registration. I'm surprised someone hasn't created a verification via SMS add-on yet. Seems standard on many sites now.
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    Register using phone number

    Registering users via email only is a major problem and lends itself to Spammers & Scammers (especially if you have a Classified-like section in your forum). Blocking scammers via IP address doesn't work because they all use VPN now! Still searching for a good 2FA via SMS add-on to register new...