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    Live Content [Paid]

    Also +1 for the zero alert issue. Just updated to 2.2.1 and have disabled the live updates plugin for the moment until that is fixed.
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    [EAE Add-ons] Conversation Tools [Paid]

    Is this compatible with 2.2? The Compatible Versions list only shows 2.1 so I want to be sure before I upgrade.
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    How to do a verification system // is there a resource which already doing this?

    Hope it's ok to link off-site, if not sorry, please remove. I found this Looks like it's free. I haven't used it so I can't speak to the quality of it.
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    XF 2.2 Highlight text within a reply

    The css ::selection and ::-moz-selection pseudo elements are used to style the selected text. You would apply a background-color property to those elements to choose the selection background. Im not sure if it depends on your theme but in my case using a XenFocus theme I found it in Style...
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    XF 2.1 Importing from phpbb 3.2 - conversations

    phpBB does apparently have export for PMs, based on looking at their official site in the PMs section. I'm not sure what version that's been in there since so I don't know if it's been around a while or a recent addition. Basically go to your PM inbox and at the bottom you click "Export as CSV...
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    Importing from phpBB 3.3

    Ok, thanks for the info! I'll need to review what changes were made from 3.2 to 3.3 to see if it is usable as-is or will need some changes to make it work.
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    Importing from phpBB 3.3

    I currently have a phpBB 3.3 forum and am considering migrating to XenForo for better features. I see on this page in the docs that there it says there is an importer for phpBB 3.2 and I assume it should work for version 3.3, but I wanted to see if there are any upcoming changes to support a...