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    XenCentral Multisite System [Paid]

    Hello, I have this license and it not expires yet but I receive a letter from you inform one new invoice though I did not make any transaction. I don't like the way transaction was made automatically, it has to be under my decision. I cannot login your site now. Is there any problem with your site?
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    not ready update to XF 1.4 I will wait some time

    not ready update to XF 1.4 I will wait some time
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    SQL syntax error

    Thanks for your help, I found the way by exporting database through phpAdmin and still import by Sympex dump. Database was restored successfully.
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    SQL syntax error

    Thanks Brogan but I am on shared hosting so there is no SSH.
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    SQL syntax error

    Could you have quick instruction how to use mysqldump please. This is the first time I 've heard it's name. :D
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    SQL syntax error

    Hello, I am moving my site to another host but when backup and restore by Sympex Dumper I have this error: Please anyone instruct me to solve this. Now my site down. Thanks,
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    Need some Facebook Likes :D Pleeease

    Just do you one like. I can give you 5 more likes if it possible :D
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    Twitter Google+ facebook auto share

    There is no Google+ auto share available.
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    XF 1.4 More Moderator & Administrator Tools

    I will buy another license when 1.4 come out :D
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    What is the Best Anti-Spam addon?

    I use It meet my expectation.
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    [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization

    @Dinh Thanh: Your addon works fine after I reinstalling it. Thanks,
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    [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization

    I think I have done nothing
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    [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization

    Guest no longer view full image
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    [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization

    This no longer work with XF 1.3
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    [bd] Rotating Ads

    Suddenly, Ads no longer display on my site.