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    As designed bug in tag system

    hi, Here is a bug I reported xenForo.But a friend said that this is not a bug! This is not really a bug? for example in topic: NO : YES:فارسی/ NO: YES...
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    Duplicate A proposal for notification system

    hi, i have a sugsestion for notification xenforo. When a user sends a reply in my threads. A notification message will be sent to the following for me This notification until I click on it I do not, Mark will be no-read. But I think it's better to be working :) For example, how? I...
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    Lack of interest add shortcodes in XenForo2?

    ShortCode in Xenforo2: You must have seen this on other systems,That offers the user the day! No coding! In xenForo It's not possible! Features such as: Accordion Animation Audio BlurBox Buttons Columns Carousel Charts Content Slider Content Style Countdown Timer Document Dropcap...
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    Proposal for resources xenForo

    I do not understand Should not I send the proposal?
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    Proposal for resources xenForo

    What is your opinion that these features in Version 2 XF plugin resources? Add share buttons, add to favorites and reporting source Add slider at the beginning of the source of the source images Show points(star) to a source in Google search Change the way you rate the resources(More...
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    A few suggestions Fro XenForo 2

    hi friends. i have a few suggestions Fro XenForo please read and send your comment Intelligent notification system add shortcode in xf2 add Landing Page to xenforo 2 ShortCode in Xenforo: You must have seen this on other systems,That offers the user the day! No coding! Features such as...