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    How much RAM will be needed for a XF forum?

    With that many posts you will want to use ElasticSearch over MySQL search, I would probably look for something with a little more to be honest. Though 500 users over 24 hours, 2gb on a well optimized system would be fine for now.
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    Planning migration and server change - which comes first?

    I suggest the server swap first, setup correctly with multiple php options means you can do the import with a little downtime as possible as you get the flex the muscles of your shiny new server.
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    XF 2.1 Push notifications

    User choice :)
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    XF 2.1 Push notifications

    Replying to this excellent HYS with my awesome P20 Pro which will support push notifications. #sorrynotsorry
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    Add hCaptcha support

    Ozzy, this is a recurring theme that has not gone unnoticed by the staff. Someone new comes into the community either wanting to learn, offer a product, or a service and they just get jumped on, with over critical comments or finger pointing and suspicions, frankly its an attitude that has to...
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    Add hCaptcha support

    Right once again the "usual suspects" have jumped on a potential new provider/service with unjustified hostile comments, criticism and skepticism. It has gone beyond tiresome now and only serves to off put potential developers and service providers which may have fantastic products that may or...
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    XF 2.0 MySQL fetch error [2014]: Commands out of sync

    I have run into this a few times in as many days now. Usually this is throwing an error that isn't being reported by an older version of MySQL so it throws this generic error instead. Updating to something such as MariaDB 10.x+ usually provides a more helpful output.
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    vBulletin 5 Import: BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range

    On line 465 we calculate reply counts using: node.totalcount - node.textcount AS replycount, Which can result in an out of range error. As we can recalculate this on a rebuild in XenForo would seem best to ignore this calculation.
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    XF 2.0 Importing from a large vBulletin database

    Check my signature links, ive imported boards multiples larger than this fine, your biggest thing will likely be the wait time on the default importers.
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    Add-on Does anyone have any desire for a blockchain integration addon for Xenforo?

    It's a much larger potential implementation which im not ready to discuss openly yet. But lets take your example, an addon for XF2. Whats to stop the admin putting code in to hold your post prior to submission to the blockchain? Until its encrypted, signed and submitted you are still at the...
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    Add-on Does anyone have any desire for a blockchain integration addon for Xenforo?

    I have been designing and working on something similar for a while now. I can tell you while the basic premise doesnt sound too complex, it starts to fall on its face quite quickly when you start looking at the actual implementation.
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    Fixed horribly slow import of vB posts when a thread has an asinine amount of posts

    That is fine. If its only got through 14k threads in 56 hours I would suggest you have a server config problem at play. With a forum of your size I would be expecting even the default importer to be done within 24 hours. The big board importer should only give you a few hours downtime as...
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    What are you listening to?

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    Specialist Import Services (XF1 & XF2) - vBulletin, Big Boards, Custom Imports

    I considered changing my username, however given I've used it for so long, seems like it would just end up being confusing as people across all sorts of communities reference me as "Slavik at XenForo".
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    Apply Name Change to quotes & user mentions (GDPR)

    The argument is flawed because it premises an absolute right which does not exist. But if you want to rename every quote, then power to you, if someone asks me to do that on my site, the response will not be friendly to be brutally honest.