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  1. skicomau

    XF 1.5 PHP Warning: Unknown: POST Content-Length exceeds the limit

    Yes. Someone is trying to upload something stupid large. Not sure what you are trying to solve by posting here?
  2. skicomau

    XF 1.5 image problem

    It could also just be a stray img bracket left over from when a user does multiple edits, or manually construct the BB code themselves or some other edit-frenzy screwup by the user who posted the message.
  3. skicomau

    XF 1.5 image problem

    The link to the image - is not actually a link to an image, it's likely a link to a page that is hosting an image. This happens all the time when members put in a link to a image on Dropbox, Google Drive, Droplr, Imgur or other similar services where the 'share URL' is not actualy a uri direct...
  4. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Facebook: Strict Redirect URI Matching

    Can confirm the above settings work
  5. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Facebook: Strict Redirect URI Matching

    enter both mydomain.com/xenforo/register/facebook & mydomain.com/xenforo/admin.php?tools%2Ftest-facebook Use the Redirect URI Validator to check before saving.
  6. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Two-Steps vérification

    Restart the whole server to ensure that any changes to php files flush - changes to php files in an application like xenforo won't update *if* your server is running OPcache (or similar php compiler caching) with either very long or infinite OPcache expiry settings.
  7. skicomau

    XF 1.4 Twitter Integration

    I recently re-configured my Google, Facebook & Twitter logins after a server migration and going secure. Notes: 1. They now all expect your web application (aka forum) to be https, if it's not, you are pushing a barrow uphill. 2. Facebook App config is nuanced. Many settings have to be...
  8. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Two-Steps Verification - Google Authenticator

    this, Ensure your server is set to automatically cron a NTP server and sync it's time at least once every few days, preferably once every 24 hours. The 'virtual' MFA apps (Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator) are all limited time of 30 seconds exactly and your server must be...
  9. skicomau

    XF 1.5 New unread watched threads NOT showing up in Unread Watched Threads list.

    Members have been reporting that watched thread alerts are not firing for some time - usually I go down the path of 'read your unread watched threads' and figure the problem is a perceived one. However, one particularly determined member has researched the issue in detail and I am able to...
  10. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Members experiencing thread caching in some browsers (since early December).

    @Mike Fixed. I am a bear of no brain at all - I finally found the PEBKAC. FYI - I started playing around with a simple progressive web app late one night back in early Dec. All I wanted was a smart way to 'Save to Home Screen' for mobile homepage. PWA's are only fully supported by a subset...
  11. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Members experiencing thread caching in some browsers (since early December).

    Thanks for your reply Mike, Those two screenshots are a single pageload timeline from Firefox (filtered to show only document load timeline), where the page returned was a cached version instead of the latest version (which should include the two most recent posts). I have taken one...
  12. skicomau

    XF 1.5 Members experiencing thread caching in some browsers (since early December).

    Since early December members of my forum have been reporting annoying cache issues. Mostly with threads but also caching of notification alerts and other elements. The reports are mostly Android (Samsung) mobile running Chrome, but also some Chrome desktop on PC. No reports from anyone with...
  13. skicomau

    Stale search index and cache?

    Confirming that this has fixed my install. Single type was enabled, I thought it had enabled itself so left it that way (even though I knew my elasticache was 5.5). I now strongly suspect PEBCAK scenario. Thank you for investigating. I should have thought to toggle it myself and test - so...
  14. skicomau

    cache not rebuilding automaticaly?

    RobFerrari is possibly not clarifying that his bug is specific to search filtered by 'Member' results as detailed here; https://xenforo.com/community/threads/stale-search-index-and-cache.136775/post-1189981
  15. skicomau

    Stale search index and cache?

    does not appear to be a 'failed to start' issue for me.